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What trainers to wear with jeans


What trainers to wear with jeans

Finding the right footwear to go with your new denim can be a challenge. Before you head out for the day, you should opt for shoes that go the distance. But, how do you know what trainers to wear with jeans?

The athleisure trend is thriving this season, and pairing your jeans with the right trainers will prove to be a winning combination. While smart casual trainers are a must for roaming the city, you might need more heavy-duty adventure trainers if you tackle the trail. Hit the skate park with a durable pair of cupsole trainers that allow more freedom of movement than your standard pair of running shoes.

Are mom jeans and trainers a good fit? Do Bradstreet Sneakers pair well with high-waisted trousers? Let’s explore the best footwear to pair with jeans for a day out, from black shoes to lace-up athletic shoes.

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What trainers to wear with skinny jeans

The best shoes to wear with straight leg jeans are classic white or black trainers. If you’d prefer a bolder approach, go for brightly coloured or patterned trainers to dress up your look. Keep in mind a few key features, including the weather forecast, season, and your plans for the day.

Be sure to consider the shade of your skinny jeans. For example, white trainers pair well with both light and dark denim and a classic white t-shirt. However, dark trainers pair better with lighter wash jeans for added contrast.

When in doubt, you can always match your trainers to your trousers. For instance, white trainers are known as the “be-all” sneaker for casual wear.

For an elevated approach, choose bold shoes that make a statement. Multicoloured trainers with a neon design will upgrade your look for a night out. If your style tends to be more neutral, stylists recommend picking classic shoe colours, including black, navy, or even olive green.

The style of your denim will also play into your shoe choice. For instance, if you’re wondering what shoes to wear with mom jeans, we recommend wearing high top shoes with jeans and cuffing the hem for a casual look. High-waisted skinny jeans, on the other hand, pair best with low-top white sneakers.

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What trainers to wear with black jeans

Minimalist white trainers pair best with black jeans. If you would prefer a bit of colour, we recommend wearing neutral shades of trainers that won’t contrast drastically with dark denim. Black trainers can also pair well with matching black jeans for a casual day out.

While white trainers are an on-trend option, some worry they will get dirty easily. If you would prefer less maintenance, dark shoes are another excellent option. Level up any casual outfit with burgundy, brown, dark green, or even navy trainers instead.

What footwear to wear with jeans

Are you wondering what type of shoes to wear with jeans? If jeans are a staple part of your wardrobe, then you may have struggled to choose what shoes to wear with your favourite pair of jeans. From high-heels to trainers, pick the right pair of shoes for whatever your day has in store.

Different styles of footwear will contribute to your everyday look. For example, while high-heels can undoubtedly dress up dark or light wash denim, trainers are a more practical option for daily wear. As you decide what footwear to wear with jeans, there are a few key things you should keep in mind: durability, dress code, comfort, and predicted weather conditions.

Try white or black trainers for a casual outfit. For a night out with friends, trade your trainers for your favourite pair of heels before you head out.

What footwear to wear with skinny jeans

Most footwear pairs well with skinny jeans, from Adidas Originals to Timberland’s Original Yellow Boot. Neutral shoes work well with all denim; think lace-up sneakers or casual sandals. For a dressier approach, consider trading your trainers for sandals or high heels.

Celebrities such as Naomi Watts rock classic lace-up sneakers with blue denim skinny jeans. Timberland work boots are another style staple with all kinds of jeans as well as chinos. Whether you’re riding the waves in Cornwall or simply want to embrace urban style, keep your feet comfy and on-trend with our range of Timberland Women’s Sandals.

A Capri Sunset Wedge Sandal will elevate any summer outfit. If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, try the Chicago Riverside Thong Sandal for Women.

Wondering what shoes to wear with mom jeans? Mom jeans are a denim trend that is here to stay. Flattering yet vintage-inspired, mom jeans pair well with anything from work boots to chukka boots or even boat shoes.

In our fast-paced world, a pair of comfortable trainers are a must for anyone on the move. So shop Timberland trainers today and find the right fit for you. Then, tackle your next adventure in style.