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How to style boat shoes


How to style boat shoes

Boat shoes have rapidly become an efficient yet stylish staple on and off the water. The beauty in boat shoes lays in their immense versatility. You can transition from the coastal to city life with the right wardrobe to compliment your footwear.

How do you style deck shoes, and what are the best boat shoes for you? Let’s explore how to hit the boat deck topside with Timberland by your side.

Brown leather boat shoes

The benefits of a pair of boat shoes

Inspired by the laid-back lifestyle of coastal life, boat shoes offer major versatility for year-round style. Timberland’s iconic men’s boat shoes and sleek women’s boat shoes are made for the weekend, weekdays, and everything in between. Tried-and-tested by the experts, here are a few key benefits of adding boat shoes to your collection.

Lasting comfort for life

If you tend to hit the ground running, we are right there with you. That’s why all of our boat shoes are made with top-rated EVA footbed cushions engineered to absorb shock and withstand extensive use.

Plus, a brown leather lining is built in for added comfort. A siped rubber sole is vital for enhanced traction and durability. Unlike mid-heels, boat shoes are close to the ground which necessitates a strong, even footbed.

Built to improve with age

Breaking in your boat shoes are just the start. When you wear them often, the traditional, hand-sewn construction will mould to your foot over time.

Authentic rawhide laces are easy to adjust thanks to a 360-degree functional lacing system. Timberland boat shoes are made to handle it all, so you can too.

Compliment any part of your outfit

Pairing practicality with widespread durability, boat shoes can blend effortlessly with any dress code. Be sure to pay close attention to fit, accessories, and your preferred colour scheme. Choose a pair of classic brown boat shoes, nature-inspired green boat shoes, or blue boat shoes reminiscent of the water’s edge.

How to nail the nautical look

As popular as classic boat shoes are season after season, it can be challenging to achieve the perfect smart-casual outfit with minimal effort. From beige chinos to a crisp polo shirt, here are a few tips to wearing boat shoes all season long.

Finding the right fit is critical

We recommend that all boots, ankle boots, and high heels should fit the shoe size, arch, and general shape of your foot as well as possible. When it comes to leather or suede boat shoes, we recommend trying to wear them in a few times to stretch the materials as they can sometimes be snug at first.

Various boat shoes

Put some prep in your step

Similar to sandals or espadrilles, boat shoes are a Spring/Summer style staple. Leather deck shoes work best with classic clothing in simple hues. Trade pastels for whites and beiges that never go out of style. A clean-cut approach draws attention to your eye-catching yet effortless style. 

Opt for socks with daily wear

Many fashion icons and customers alike closely debate whether you should wear socks with your leather boat shoes. Since the early days of early mornings by the shipyard, boat shoes were uniquely designed to be worn without socks. 

Purists recommend going barefoot because their leather construction is intended to be comfortably worn barefoot.  If you’re hoping to achieve the classic maritime look, then keep your ankles bare. 

Naturally, the other side of the debate supports challenging convention. Break the old rules and complement your footwear with bright socks that will further express your own unique style. 

Don short trousers

As you build out your wardrobe, opt for cotton trousers or jeans that barely skim the top of your shoes. While deckhands are certainly no stranger to rolling their cuffs, you’ll look like you just came off the shore even in the city.

Rock A Range Of Hues

Here at Timberland, our boat shoes come in a range of classic colours. Beyond the standard dark brown boat shoe style, you can be a little different with a green or blue leather deck shoe. Plus, consider switching out the laces for a bright or pastel colour if a bit of brightness is more your style.

Grey and blue boat shoes

Boat shoes also just get better with age so feel free to hit the ground running. Whatever colour you choose, don’t hesitate to wear them in because chances are they won’t wear out for years. Our seasoned leather construction will mould to your foot for a better fit, and the colour won’t fade over time.

While boat shoes are no longer exclusively worn on adventurous sailing expeditions, they are designed for everyday excursions. With socks or without, set sail and tackle something new with Timberland.