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Are Timberland Boat Shoes Appropriate For Sailing


Are Timberland Boat Shoes Appropriate For Sailing?

Timberland Leather Boat shoes

Boat shoes, also called deck shoes, are usually made of canvas or leather and have non-marking rubber soles. They are specifically made to provide traction on a wet surface with the help of a siping pattern carved into the soles. The modern boat shoe was invented in 1935 and was made to mimic a dog's paws that don't slip on ice. The inventor founded the shoe company Sperry Top-Sider, which is still a popular boat shoe brand today. Other leading brands in the field include Portside, Sebago and Timberland.

While the origin of this footwear was explicitly for sailing, in the 1970s, the deck shoes became trendy for men and women, even on shore. Typically worn without socks, the moccasin-style shoe was adopted in sunny, beach-side cities. Often it also signalled a person's financial status, suggesting they are wealthy enough to own a yacht. Nowadays, this classic shoe is associated with preppy fashion style.

What Shoes to Wear on a Sailing Boat

Not every sailing trip requires the purchase of specialised boat shoes. So if you were invited for a day trip, it doesn't mean you have to rush and buy brand new moccasins. Chances are, you'll be able to utilise something you already own. You just need to keep a few elements in mind to ensure you have the correct footwear.

Non-marking Outsole

As a courtesy to whoever owns the boat, you always want to ensure that the sole of your shoes or boots won't leave any marks on smooth surfaces. Since the deck is almost always wet, a regular sole will leave nasty black scuffs. Not only will this be annoying to clean, but it's also not nice to sit around it.

Your shoes may already be non-marking if they have white or light-coloured soles (not black or brown). Additionally, soft-sole shoes usually don't leave marks as well. Conversely, leather soles are the worst to wear on a boat and wreak havoc on the deck floor.

Good Grip

As we've covered, a yacht deck can get quite slippery. And since being on a boat is already unsteady at times, with the added slippery floor, it can become outright dangerous. That is why a good, non-slip outsole is advised. While all classic boat shoes have that type of sole, your everyday Timberland trainers may also be enough. Just check that the sole is rubber and doesn't slide around on different surfaces.


Water resistance is the final element that will ensure smooth sailing (figuratively and metaphorically). There is nothing worse than having cold, wet feet the entire journey. For that purpose, consider wearing leather shoes (but not leather soles), or at the very least, canvas shoes that will dry quickly.

How to Tie Boat Shoes

For someone who owns a boat or goes yachting regularly, it's best to own a specialised pair of boat shoes, such as the Timberland Classic Boat Shoes. These shoes, specially made for sailing, will ensure your safety on board while cushioning your feet during long journeys.

If you already own a pair of boat shoes, you may also want to learn the best way to tie them to ensure maximum comfort and safety. A good knot guarantees the shoe stays on your feet, even during rocky waters. And a good knot can be fashionable as well as functional. Some examples of that are the Chain Knot, the Barrel Knot, and the Tassel Knot.

The most common and easiest knot to secure boat shoes (as well as work and hiking boots) is the Surgeon's Knot. Start by tying the shoelaces as you would typically, looping one over the other. Then continue with creating two "bunny ears". However, before you pull both sides tight, put one of the "ears" through the knot again, and then pull both sides tight. This method ensures the laces won't loosen up over time.

Classic Boat Shoes for the Win

As you can already tell, you don't have to own boat shoes if you don't go sailing on a regular basis. As long as your shoe has the right sole and material, it may be enough for a one-off yachting trip.

However, if you plan on making sailing a regular hobby, a good pair of Timberland leather boat shoes is a must. Whether it's the Timberland boat trainers for men or the classic pink boat shoe for women, there's a wide variety of deck shoes to help you have a safe journey while also showcasing an implacable sense of style.