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What's the best coat for any kind of weather?


What's the best coat for any kind of weather?

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The right jacket will get you where you need to go. But, how do you know what coat or jacket to wear on any given day? Be sure to check the forecast before you head out the door. With the overall climate in England being temperate maritime, you need layers that will guarantee you’ll be ready for anything life throws your way. 

What is a parka jacket? What is a heavy parka jacket? Are parka coats warm compared to other alternatives? From finding the right field jacket to the perfect puffer jacket, let’s explore the best coats for any type of weather with Timberland. 

Are mac coats warm?

You may be wondering, what is a trench coat used for and does it keep you warm? A mac coat, also known as a trenchcoat, is specifically engineered to keep you dry in inclement weather but does not guarantee warmth. 

First made popular by Frank Sinatra and Thomas Burberry, mac coats are ideal for moderate to warm weather. While they are often worn in the spring months, consider layering a sweater underneath in cold weather. It’s no secret that weather in the UK can be unpredictable. Since rain can come at any moment, a Timberland women’s or men’s waterproof jacket, windbreaker, and rain jacket is a must. 

How do you wear a leather jacket? 

The beauty of a leather biker jacket is that it can be easily dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. A definite style staple in any wardrobe, transition your outfit across seasons with a few key elements in mind. 

Pair a black leather jacket with trainers and leggings to elevate your athleisure. If you’re headed directly to the pub from a day at the office, pair a brown leather jacket with a crisp white button-down for a casual take on office wear. 

Here at Timberland, we’re all about functional fashion. That’s why we recommend pairing a leather jacket with your favourite pair of Timberland boots before you hit the road. 

How should a leather jacket fit for men? 

A leather jacket should fit with just enough room to fully rotate your arms without resistance or stiffness. Plus, the sleeves of the jacket should end at your wrist rather than your palm, and the length of the jacket should land exactly at your waist.

For instance, Timberland’s Soft Leather Jacket for Men in Black should fit your arm and waist well. If you’re oscillating between two size options, confirm that the shoulders of the jacket correspond with your own. If the top seam of the jacket hangs over your shoulder and towards the arm, then it is likely too large. If you can’t easily move your arms and it feels quite tight around the neck, then you should definitely size up.

When can I wear a bomber jacket?

A bomber jacket is ideal for casual occasions and pairs well with jeans, casual trousers, or even chinos. Wear it with a white t-shirt in the warmer months, and layer on a sweatshirt as temperatures drop.

The bomber jacket, also known as a field jacket, has a rich history in male fashion in Hollywood, history, and beyond.

Are windbreakers waterproof?

No. While windbreakers tend to protect you from light rain or wind, they are considered to be a light layer against the elements.

What is a parka coat?

A parka is a type of coat that is well-insulated against strong cold, wind and rain. While the design of parka coats has evolved over time, they always have a hood and are built to keep the wearer warm and dry in inclement weather.

What is the difference between a parka and a coat?

Although parkas and coats can sometimes be a similar size, parkas tend to be longer, more insulated and cover more of your body. Plus, most parkas have a hood and feature more pockets than your typical coat.

If you’re looking to weather a harsh winter, a parka has more cubic inches of insulation for you to work with.

Is a parka a winter coat?

Yes. A parka extends to your upper thigh or can even cover your ankles, depending on your needs. Unlike a windbreaker jacket or lightweight field coat, a parka boasts superior fill power that is specifically engineered with insulation to keep you warm in the coldest climates.

What is the difference between a jacket and a parka?

A parka tends to be longer than a jacket and extends below the waist. While some parkas can cover your entire leg down to the ankle, others stop at your knees or upper thigh. Jackets tend to extend just below the waistline.

What is a quilted jacket?

A puffer jacket, also called a quilted jacket, is designed with a quilted pattern and signature “puffy” sections between the stitching. These sections are filled with either synthetic fibres or down insulation for added warmth.

The externally visible quitting of a quilted jacket offers air pockets that are ideal for trapping air and warmth in mild spring weather. For harsher winters, consider a more heavy-duty parka.

What is in a down jacket?

A down jacket is typically insulated with feathers from duck or geese. This material serves to expertly trap warm air and heat while maintaining its shape to keep the wearer extremely warm in even the coldest temperatures.

If you’re looking to pack a down jacket without taking up excess space in your luggage, opt for the Bear Head Men’s Packable Down Jacket.

What is a Harrington style jacket?

Named from Rodney Harrington’s iconic character in the 1960’s soap opera Peyton Place, the Harrington Jacket continues to be a veritable staple in men’s fashion. The jacket has been famously linked to Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, and even James Dean.

Whatever the weather has in store, shop outerwear that incorporates the latest in apparel technology and quality fabrics today. With Timberland by your side, you’ll benefit from long-lasting wearability and comfort for a lifetime of adventure.