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Are Timberland Boots & Shoes Waterproof?




We put every pair of waterproof Timberland boots and shoes through hours of rigorous testing to ensure they’re totally watertight before they leave our production line. We use only the finest quality raw materials and thoroughly seal every seam for guaranteed watertight performance.

Whether you’re after a smart pair ofStormbuck Plain Toe Oxford shoes to get you to work on a rainy day, or a comfortable pair of stylishSadler Pass Sneakers to help you stay dry in the drizzle, every high tech waterproof Timberland design is expertly crafted to keep water out, whilst still letting your feet breathe.

So just how watertight are they? Extremely, according to the customer testimonials, we’re constantly collating:

“They are definitely waterproof and I do a lot of walking. It can definitely be a bit soggy here and they haven’t let in the water yet!”, says one satisfied boot wearer from Wales.

“Just what I wanted, strong, waterproof, comfortable and they look fab too”, says another.

For us there can be no better endorsement of what we do. There’s nothing that makes us happier than a satisfied Timberland customer and we like to make sure followers of our brand are 100 percent happy with the performance and quality of the collections we create, with a passion. The very first waterproof Timberland boots were born in the 1970’s, when our founder, Sidney Swartz, noticed a growing demand for waterproof boots that could be built to last.

These early Timberlands were designed for manual workers, so practicality and durability were top priority. Damp, soggy socks and feet weren’t an option on a long shift. Mr Swatz’s design was a triumph and his original Timberland yellow boots have endured. Not only are they still worn all over the world today, they’re still keeping the water out! continue to be worn all over the world today.

We don’t waterproof every single pair of Timberland shoes and boots across our collection, so if all-weather footwear is what you seek, double check the product description on our website before you make your selection. If a pair of shoes or boots are designed to keep your feet dry - in even the most treacherous storms - we’ll always tell you in big, bold print!

A little bit of regular TLC can go a long wayto ensuring your brand new boots or shoes stay watertight for good, whatever the elements throw at them. Follow our quick and easy guide to keep yours in tip-top condition.


If you’ve been caught out in a storm, avoid the temptation to dry your Timberlands on the radiator or beside a roaring fire. Excess heat can dry out the leather. This might not only spoil the look of them, but they could feel stiff when you put them on next time.

Top Tip: Inserting a shoehorn into damp shoes and boots can help them keep their shape.


To keep your waterproof boots and shoes looking as good as new, we recommend you don’t let excess dirt build up in the first place. A suede restorer brush or rubber sole brush will help remove dust and dirt effectively. But if you don’t have one of these, a soft kitchen cloth or duster should do the trick. For stubborn stains, a mild leather soap can come in handy - just be sure to rinse any excess product off afterwards. Some people even swear by mild baby wipes for a quick clean on-the-go! Alternatively, try our Dry Cleaning Kit, which comes with a buffing bar and nylon brush set to remove dirt and erase stains. Before starting your cleaning session, we recommend you remove your shoelaces, so you can get into all those little corners where grime can build up.


A good quality leather wax or conditioner is another way to safeguard your waterproofing, but we wouldn’t advise you use it on suede or nubuck leather. This easy-to-apply waterproof treatment helps soften and protect oiled and waxed leathers without compromising breathability.

Timberland Balm Proofer All Purpose Protector is the safest option for delicate suede and nubuck and restores water repellency. A multi-tasking balm, it protects against water and stains and won’t affect breathability either. It’s suitable for cotton, polyester, canvas and nylon, so you can use it to extend the life of your clothes too. Just avoid using on any items marked ‘dry clean only’.

Top Tip: When applying protector spray, leave a couple of hours in between applications and allow your boots or shoes to dry for 24-48 hours before you wear them again.

Caring for your Timberlands will keep them clean, conditioned and ready for some outdoor adventure. To find your new pair, browse the full range for men, women and children here.

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