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Are Bomber Jackets Practical For Unpredictable Weather?


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A bomber jacket is one of the most famous pieces of clothing originating from the military. It was first used in World War I by air force fighter pilots. In those days, the cockpit didn’t have protective glass, so it was extremely cold in high altitudes. 

This flight jacket was specially invented to keep the pilots (responsible for bombing) warm, where it got its iconic name. Around the 1950s, this piece of clothing started to gain popularity in smart casual fashion and remains popular to this day.

The jacket, since then, has gone through several redesigns. As you can probably imagine, the first one was specifically made for winter weather. But how does it major up with its modern iterations? And how does it hold up in other temperatures?

How does a bomber jacket fit, and what is it made of?

First, let’s discuss the way this outerwear is constructed. The first design ever made was a leather bomber jacket for men. To make it extra toasty, it had a fur lining and collar. 

In WWII, the military started making it from sheep’s skin to provide even more warmth. A later version was made from Nylon, as it was cheap and also more durable.

Nowadays, there are suede bomber jackets, cotton, Nylon, and corduroy. Of course, the leather bomber jacket for women and men remains a classic. Some have thicker linings, and others offer light, air linings, which make them quite adaptable for different seasons.

The same fit unifies all designs. A bomber jacket is typically waist-length and has a matching ribbed waist and cuffs. The front of the jacket zips up, and there are two side pockets. 

Sometimes there will be an additional pocket at the top. As for the collar, it is usually round. However, some iterations have a t-shirt collar.

The cuffs and waist ensure the jacket sits snug against the body. However, there is usually room underneath for a few layers. But how does it hold up to extreme weather conditions?

Is a bomber jacket warm?

As we’ve mentioned, there are various designs to consider. Let’s first talk about the iconic black bomber jacket. Leather by itself is more suitable for spring and fall. While the material feels quite heavy, it’s not that insulated.

If you want something that will truly protect you in freezing weather but still looks cool, it has to have an additional lining. Moreover, while leather is somewhat water-resistant, it is not waterproof. If you find yourself walking through s storm wearing a brown leather bomber, you will get drenched eventually.

So what bomber jackets are warm enough for winter? Luckily, there are various other options to choose from that are great for cold weather and still have the same trendy fit. 

What do you wear under a bomber jacket?

Not everyone can afford to own multiple jackets. And even if you can, you may want to cultivate a practical, capsule wardrobe where you can use the same items all year round. A bomber jacket is a perfect item of clothing for that purpose.

Instead of buying a jacket for winter, you can find a light bomber that can also be worn in spring and fall. To make it more suitable for winter, simply layer other clothes underneath to keep yourself warmer.

A classic casual look is adding a hoodie underneath a men’s leather jacket. It makes the bomber appear less harsh on one hand while providing the hoodie with a more sleek look on the other. The hood is a bonus to protect you from the elements when it’s cold or raining.

On the other side of the spectrum, you can wear a bomber jack on top of a dress shirt and tie (for men) or a blouse (for women). This will provide an edge to a business look without removing its professionalism.

For colder climates, a fitted sweater also looks great under this jacket. An oversized, bulky sweater that sticks out from underneath the jacket also has its place if you pair it with skinny jeans. There are really no answers when it comes to the iconic jacket.

Wearing the leather bomber jacket in summertime

As you can probably tell, a bomber jacket is perfect for spring and autumn. Since you can layer various outfits underneath, it can be good on colder days and warmer ones, where it gets chilly after the sun comes down.

But what about summertime? Can you wear this jacket when the sun comes down in full force? The answer here is - it depends.

If it’s 40 degrees, and even at night, it won’t go below 35, you might not want to wear a jacket at all. In that type of weather, most people will stick to as few clothes as possible.

But if we’re talking about a situation where it’s hot in the day and gets cooler at night, a bomber jacket might actually be your saviour. For instance, leather is considered a breathable material. So while it can insulate you when it’s breezy, it’s also light enough to allow your sweat to evaporate during the daytime when it’s hot.

Nylon is also quite breathable, in addition to being light to carry (much lighter than leather). So wearing a bomber jacket can be a good option if you know the temperature will drop in the evening.

You can easily pack it in your bag and throw it on when it gets cold. Or if you know you’re going to a windy location, like the beach, it will provide extra cover. As it’s water-resistant, it’s also good for those pesky summer drizzles.

The classic summer look is wearing a leather bomber jacket with a white t-shirt and jeans at the bottom. James Dean was the first to make it truly iconic, and it remains trendy to this day. However, you can throw this type of jacket on top of almost anything.

You can pair it with a flowy sundress and flip-flops or a sparkly cocktail dress for the perfect night out. For the men, the jacket can be paired with a tank top and chinos or a dress shirt.

Adopt the bomber jacket into your wardrobe

The bomber jacket, whether it’s made of fleece, Nylon, cotton, or corduroy, is versatile and can find a place within any wardrobe. Moreover, it is practical and can serve you in temperatures ranging from 0 to 30, rain or shine.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, it’ll probably never go out of fashion. So you can rest assured that when you buy one, you’re making a long-term investment that will serve you for many years to come.

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