“My Community. Our Nature” Prize Draw

Pursuant to art. 11 of Italian presidential decree no. 430 of 26 October 2001.


Promotion Company: VF ITALIA SRL

Registered and administrative office: Via Varesina 162 - 20156 Milan (MI), Italy

VAT number and tax code: 04576340964

Delegate: IPM Italia Srl, Via Stradella 13, 20129 Milan (MI), Italy

Aim of the Prize Draw: To promote the Promotion Company's brand and services

Duration: From 11/10/2021 to 20/11/2021

Final Draw: By 30/11/2021

Entrants: Persons who over eighteen years of age, resident and/or domiciled in Italy, Germany, France or in the UK (hereinafter “User/s”).

Prize amount: €1.660.00 (excluding VAT)

Deposit: Surety bond in the name of the Italian ministry of economic development covering 100% of the prize amount.

Advertising Material: This event will be advertised through online communication, direct marketing, social media, and PR. The Promotion Company reserves the right to advertise the event in the ways it considers most appropriate. In any case, this event will be advertised in accordance with these rules.

Rules: The complete rules will be published on the website: https://www.timberland.co.uk/urban-greening.html?geoRedirect=true


How to enter the Prize Draw

The entrants may participate in the Prize Draw during the promotional period from 11/10/2021 to 20/11/2021, with no obligation to purchase products.

In order to take part in the Prize Draw, the User must access the site https://www.timberland.co.uk/urban-greening.html?geoRedirect=true express his or her preference for one of the four (4) cultural projects/non-profit organisations available on the screen (hereinafter “Project/s”) and fill in the entry form with the following required data: Name, Surname, valid Email address, Country, and Date of Birth.

The Projects are:

1.     “The Corner” (Germany)

2.     “Kabela” (France)

3.     St. Ambroeus FC (Italy)

4.     InSpire (UK)

Each User can vote only one time (1).

Users can vote for their favourite Project up to 23:59 on 20/11/2021.

All Users who have regularly entered the Prize Draw, voting their favourite Project and completing the entry form, will be entered in the final Prize Draw.

Specific software with a built-in counter will be used to keep an accurate record of all votes received.


Exclusion from participation:

Employees of the Promotion Company, and their immediate families, their agents and other people involved in the organisation and management of the Competition may not enter the Prize Draw.


Participation and limitations:

Participation in the draw is permitted exclusively for persons over the age of eighteen resident and/or domiciled in Italy, Germany, France or the UK.

Each User can enter the draw one time only (1) to express one (1) preference (vote) only.

Each User may win a maximum of one (1) prize.


Final draw:

For the Final Draw a database will be created of all Users entered in the event who have voted for their favourite Project.

Ten (10) winners and ten (10) runner-ups will be selected at random from the database.

The random drawing will take place by 30/11/2021 in the presence of a notary or a representative of the Chamber of Commerce.

A runner-up shall only be used if the winner fails to claim their prize in accordance with these Prize Draw Rules or is disqualified from the Prize Draw for any reason.


Prizes and description:

Description of the prize

No. of prizes

Market value, each (excluding VAT)

Total market value (excluding VAT)

Timberland Greenstride boots (Ray City and Originals Ultra)


€ 166

€ 1.660


Market value of the prizes:

The total prize amount is €1.660 (excluding VAT). The market value of the prizes refers to the date of publication of the rules.


Winning notification:

Winner will be notified of their win by e-mail (using the e-mail address provided by Entrants upon registration) within five (5) working days from the date the winner is selected, with instructions on how to collect the prize.


Documents needed to validate the Final Draw prize award:

Each winner must send the following documents without fail within 5 days of the winning notification:

·       Prize acceptance form filled in with the winner’s personal details;

·       Photocopy of a valid proof of identity document.

If the winner does not send his or her details within this term (5 days from the winning notification), if the winner is unreachable, if the information supplied at the time of registration is different to that appearing in the document transmitted, if the winner is less than 18 years of age, and in all other cases of irregularity, the prize will be considered as not awarded. The first runner-up extracted will be contacted following the same procedure and so on until the prize has been awarded to an alternate or ultimately donated to the chosen non-profit organisation.


Transfer of prizes:

Winners may not transfer their prize to third parties.


Consignment of the Prizes:

The Promotion Company shall be responsible for sending the prizes using the shipping methods it deems most appropriate to ensure the winner receives the prize.


Prize consignment deadline:

The prize consignment deadline shall be within 6 months from the end of the promotional event or from the date the prizes are requested, as established by Italian presidential decree 430 of 26/10/2001.


Unallocated or unclaimed prizes:

Any unallocated or unclaimed prizes other than those that have been rejected shall be awarded to the following non-profit organisation: Fondazione ABIO Italia Onlus per il Bambino in Ospedale, Via Don Gervasini, 33 20153 Milan, Italy Tax Code 97384230153.


Withholding tax payment:

The Promotion Company agrees to pay withholding tax within the terms and in the amount prescribed by in art. 30 of Italian presidential decree no. 600 of 29/09/1973.


Waiver of the right to recover deductions at source:

The Promotion Company waives the right to recover withholding tax at source in favour of winners (art. 30 of Italian presidential decree no. 600 of 29/09/1973).


Refusal of the Prize:

If the winner should expressly refuse the prize, it can remain at the disposal of the Promotion Company.


Server location:

The server used for digital administration of the Prize Draw and collection of entrants’ data will be located in Italy.


Important information:

A binding condition for taking part in the draw is that of full acceptance of the rules and prior granting of consent for personal data processing for the aim of participating in the draw.

The accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided at the time of registration are essential conditions for participation in the draw. Users who have registered with different personal details to those appearing in their proof of identity document will not be considered valid in the case a prize award or may be barred from entering in the Prize Draw.

Participation in this Prize Draw is free of charge, other than the connection cost incurred by Users to connect to the website, which will be calculated and charged in accordance with the plan agreed with their service provider.

In order to validate a win, the User taking part in the Prize Draw must be in possession of a valid document providing proof of identity.

The Prize Draw online service will be live from 00:00 11/10/2021 to 23:59 20/11/2021.


Privacy Policy Statement:

Users’ persona data will be processed in compliance with the prescriptions of the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 concerning the protection of natural persons in relation to processing of their personal data, also through the use of electronic tools, for aims connected to the complete execution of this draw.

The data processing controller is VF ITALIA SRL with registered office in Via Varesina 162 - 20156 Milan (MI), Italy.

For more information, go to: https://www.timberland.co.uk/customer-service/privacy-policy-complete.html


Obligations and guarantees:

The Promotion Company assumes no responsibility for any problem of access, impediment, malfunction or difficulty concerning technical tools, computers, cables, electronics, software and hardware, transmission and connection, telephone line, Internet connection that may prevent the entrant from accessing the WEBSITE, and more generally from participating in the contest and/or receiving notification of winning.

The Promotion Company assumes no responsibility in the event of failure to deliver the notice of winning due to the provision of incorrect or fake email addresses and/or personal data by the winners or in the event that the mailbox is full or no longer active or the email address specified during registration is included in a blacklist, etc.

The Promotion Company is not responsible under any circumstances for any problems that may arise during use of the prizes offered and likewise assumes no liability for possible improper use of the prizes by winners.

The Promotion Company reserves the right to prevent participation or invalidate a prize award to any Users found not to be participating in good faith (e.g. dual identities, multiple registrations with different email addresses, irregular voting, use of temporary email addresses or addresses linked to the same person, etc.).

Users who, according to the final judgement of the Promotion Company or third parties appointed by the Promotion Company to manage the contest, win using means and tools capable of circumventing randomness, or who are otherwise judged to have acted in a suspicious, fraudulent manner, or in violation of the normal course of the initiative, shall not be eligible to receive the prize won in such manner.

The Promotion Company, or the companies appointed by the Promotion Company to manage the draw, reserves the right to take action, in the terms deemed most appropriate and in compliance with statutory legislation, to oppose and prevent any initiative aimed at circumventing the system devised for the Prize Draw.

The images and colours of the prizes appearing on all promotional materials are purely guideline.

If the promised prize is not available, the Promotion Company reserves the right to replace it with one of equal or greater value. The prizes are not convertible into cash or cash equivalents.

Requests by winners for alternative prizes will not be granted.

In case of discrepancy between the Italian and the translated versions of these Contest Official Rules, the Italian version prevails.

For any matters not covered in these Rules, the Promotion Company shall refer to the provisions of Italian presidential decree 430/01.