Introducing The Timberland Community Member Program

It’s no secret that there’s power in numbers. From our path of service to sustainability, we strive to build stronger communities around the world 24/7. The best part? We aren’t in this alone – we’re all in this, together.


From our path of service to sustainability, we strive to build stronger communities around the world 24/7.


We’re on a mission to create a more equitable and greener future by making responsible long-lasting shoes, clothing and accessories. We want to be pioneers, and with our eco-lead Community, we aim to link members with nature.

As a member of our Community, you’ll get exclusive designs, Timberland discounts, and members-only access to experiences. Earn points by shopping and participating in polls and contests and redeem those points for Timberland rewards. Then, be a part of the growing Community as we work towards a brighter future as a team. 


Timberland Community benefits 

As a member of the Timberland rewards program, you’ll lead the way when it comes to all things style & sustainability from day one. Start your membership with our welcome offer of 10% off your purchase – but the benefits don’t stop there. 

Have we piqued your interest yet? Let’s do a deep dive on all of the perks you can look forward to:

  • Welcome offer: 10% off your first purchase: We'll welcome you to the Timberland Community with 10% off your first purchase. If you're not sure what to "add to basket" quite yet, the Original Yellow Boot is a great place to start (if you don’t have a pair already, that is!) 

  • VIP early access to promotions: Who doesn't love being ahead of the curve? As a member of our Community, be the first to take advantage of any and all promotions and promo codes that we have on offer. Whether we’re hosting a seasonal sale or a sitewide discount, you’ll get early access to Timberland promotions every time. 

  • First access to product launches: As a member, you’ll be the first to know when new products launch (and the first to shop new arrivals.)

  • Exclusive products: Access exclusive products that are made for members only. From boat shoes to hiking boots, we’ve got you covered. 

  • BTS access: We can’t wait to bring members behind the scenes on the Timberland way. We’ll pull the curtain back on our production process, the people behind the products, service projects, and so much more. 

  • Dedicated customer service line: Have questions or concerns? Our Community dedicated customer service line is on hand to get you where you need to go.

  • Birthday offer: Timberland gifts make the best birthday presents. To thank you for being a valued member, you can look forward to an exclusive birthday offer so that you can treat yourself on your big day. (Birthday cake not included.)


How do Timberland Community points work? 

Earning and redeeming points has never been easier. The more you get involved, the more benefits you can enjoy. 

How to earn Timberland points

First off, you can earn points by making a purchase. But, the opportunities don’t stop there. You can also earn points by participating in challenges, telling us more about yourself, uploading a photo with your new merch, watching videos, and so much more. If you’re lucky, we’ll give you double points for buying certain products!

How to redeem Timberland points

Our rewards for Timberland points earned beat a simple gift card. Your points can be redeemed for exclusive VIP events, gifts, and so much more. 

  • Exclusive VIP events: Here at Timberland, we are all about gathering as a Community. Whether it is virtually or in person, we are already hard at work putting together a roster of service events for members to enjoy. From sustainability practices to the inner workings of our product designs, hear firsthand from experts. 
  • Timberland Gifts: A little gift goes a long way. You can redeem Timberland points for gifts on the Timberland site. Whether you've been eyeing a certain product or just want to try something new, our gifts are the key to a style refresh.

  • Trees on Treedom: You can also redeem your points to help the planet. Simply choose your tree, and a farmer will plant it on his land. Then, your tree will be photographed and geolocated online so that you can follow its growth from the comfort of your sitting room. 


Join Timberland Community 

Each seed planted is one closer to our goal of growing 50 million trees worldwide over the next five years. Every service hour by Timberland employees contributes to 1.5 million trees planted globally. We all have to start somewhere, and our community starts with you. 


We all have to start somewhere, and our community starts with you. 



Once you’ve hit the ground running in your brand new Timberland boots, enjoy VIP early access to promotions and product launches. Have questions about free delivery, sizing, or anything else? No problem, our dedicated customer service line is on hand to assist you. 

Sign up today to join the movement of people seeking paths unknown, trying new things, and serving the planet for the better. For more information on becoming a member, check out our FAQ page and the Timberland Community Dashboard.

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