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What are the best boots for snow


What are the best boots for snow?

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Whether you live in a snowy climate, sometimes visit one, or live somewhere that experiences the occasional snowstorm every winter, having a decent pair of comfortable snow walking boots in your cupboard is essential.

The snow boot market is large, and finding the ideal boots for walking in snow and ice can be challenging. In this article, we’ll help you make an informed decision about whether or not your existing walking boots are good for snow and help advise you on what qualities to look out for when you purchase your next pair of snow boots.

How to choose boots for walking in snow and ice

Below you will find a list of what to look out for when purchasing your next pair of boots to wear in the snow and ice this winter.


There are several important factors to consider when selecting a new pair of snow boots. Regardless of whether you are buying them for yourself, a family member or a friend, you will likely want to go for a pair that you find fashionable or visually appealing.

If you are only getting yourself a pair of snow boots to wear around on skiing holidays in-between time on the slopes, you might want to go for more fashionable colours or designs. However, we would always recommend that you select a pair in bright colours.

Snowy weather can often be treacherous. If you were ever to find yourself in avalanche type conditions, brightly coloured clothing could help others to locate you. Similarly, if you just wanted a good pair of walking boots to leave in your car in case you broke down in snowy conditions, brightly coloured shoes can help other motorists spot you in the dark or in snowy weather.

From a safety perspective, buying brightly coloured snow boots like the Timberland classic yellow could genuinely help save your life.


The ideal pair of snow boots will not just be comfortable when you try them on in the shop, but most importantly, they must be comfortable when you wear them out in the snow and ice. In these conditions, you will likely wish to wear at least a couple of pairs of thick socks. For this reason, we recommend wearing thick socks when you first try your boots on.

Although you might wear more than one pair of socks to keep your feet warm, the best boots for snowy conditions will always be well insulated and waterproof. Although leather boots can act as great insulation, a boot offering more protection from the cold is advisable when buying snow boots. You could consider environmentally friendly insulation like PrimaLoft®️ Eco or something more traditional such as PrimaLoft®️ Down. A pair of waterproof boots will ensure your feet stay warm and dry all day.

In addition to helping keep your feet at the right temperature, selecting a breathable boot material such as leather will help ensure that ventilation can enter your boots and moisture from sweat can escape. We’d also advise selecting a material that has been treated with breathable waterproofing chemicals for maximum comfort.

Grip and durability

Another essential element to any good pair of snow boots is sturdy soles that offer a good grip and don’t get quickly worn down. It is nigh impossible to know how to walk in snow without boots with appropriate grip.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention claims about 1 million Americans fall in snow or ice every year, which tragically leads to the deaths of about 17,000 people on average per annum. Wearing suitable snow boots with good grips can help protect you from slipping and falling in inclement weather.

Ideally, the grip on your snow boots should be made from a sturdy material such as rubber. Boots with grips made from recycled tyres are even available, not only helping the environment but also offering you a durable grip that will not wear down easily. This material can also help with shock absorption to help ease pressure on your ankles and knees when walking. 

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Timberland’s range of boots are not only fashionable, but they are also waterproof, warm, durable and offer grips that give enough traction to help keep you safe from slipping and falling in snowy and icy weather. Styles and sizes can be found to suit all ages and genders, making them an ideal option to consider when purchasing snow boots for you and your family.