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Rediscovering Your Connection with Nature Post-Covid


Rediscovering Your Connection with Nature Post-Covid

For many of us, the pandemic has been a very indoor-oriented time. From social distancing measures to remote working arrangements, experiencing the beauty of nature has often seemed out of reach. Yet as circumstances change, the wider world is slowly opening up once more. So if you're looking for new ways to get out, rediscover your connection with nature and rekindle your love of the great outdoors, read on.

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How to reconnect with nature

Connecting with nature is all about being present, observant and making the most of the natural environment around you. From something as simple as taking a walk in your local park to going on a weekend hike, taking the time to create the space for time in nature is a great way to reconnect not only with the natural world but with yourself and others.

Want to rediscover your connection with nature? Here are some ideas for ways you can get in touch post-Covid.

1. Join a local hiking group

When it comes to experiencing the great outdoors, being part of a community such as a hiking group can be a wonderful way to tap into supportive networks, make new friends, and find like-minded people. With regularly scheduled activities, you can choose those that suit your fitness levels, interests and personal goals best. And remember, great hikes start with great hiking shoes. Timberland offers a wide range of quality footwear, such as our Field Trekker Low Hiker or waterproof Euro Sprint hiking boot.

2. Get involved with an outdoor photography club

Always enjoyed photography? Getting involved with a local outdoor or nature photography club can be an excellent way to rediscover the beauty of nature, get involved with a new community, explore your local environment and get social at the same time.

3. Do some outdoor yoga

More and more people are taking the time to create a new connection with themselves and nature by doing outdoor yoga. While some prefer to do yoga alone, many people enjoy guided outdoor yoga classes. Check your local listings for classes in your area. It's a great way to tap into your local community and experience the beauty of the natural world, all while getting fit, flexible and calming the mind.

4. Set up a hike with friends and family

Forget meeting for coffee. Why not go on a hike with friends and loved ones? It makes a great change to routine and offers a new opportunity for being social and making meaningful connections.

5. Take some me-time in the natural environment

Whether it's a solo hike, sitting under a tree with a book, outdoor meditation, gardening or anything else you enjoy, there are countless ways to rediscover the natural world around you, all on your own.

6. Explore far and wide with geocaching

Geocaching is a great way to get social, change up your routine and make new connections with places and people. Find a geocaching group near you or explore on your own. And remember, if you'll be hiking or exploring, having the right gear is key. Timberland offers a great range of outdoor gear, including jackets, hiking boots and duffels to make every adventure exceptional.

Why is it important to connect with nature?

Spending time in nature isn't just enjoyable, it's good for you too.

1. Research shows spending time in nature boosts your mental health

Some scientific studies show that spending even five minutes a day outside can have a lasting, positive effect on health and well-being. Other studies show reduced rates of stress and anxiety in those who spend time outdoors.

2. Nature is a great place to connect with self and others

In the digital age, so much of our time is spent looking at screens. Being in nature is an important way to disconnect from the digital world and is an opportunity to get in touch with yourself and others.

3. Being in the outdoors boosts vitamin D

Exposure to sunlight prompts the body to produce Vitamin D, which is important for the normal development of teeth and bones and the immune system.

During the pandemic, our homes suddenly became our worlds. Many of us discovered that we'd taken our enjoyment of nature and the environment for granted. Whether it was a stroll through a public park, an easy walk around the block, or a simple weekend hiking trip, nature took the back foot while we focused on everything else. Now, things are changing. With so many options for us to get back in touch with nature, there are also more and more opportunities to get back in touch with ourselves and others.