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Jorn Wemmenhove
Changemaker for human and kind cities

Jemma Finch x Timberland Sustainability

Jorn Wemmenhove’s passion is helping people who have lost their connection to nature rediscover it, especially in cities.

“I believe in creating cities that are human and kind to ourselves, others and our planet. Cities today are so focused on being smart and efficient, but we are humans – natural, spontaneous, weird creatures that need space.” Jorn believes that people are wanderers and need places to de-stress and reconnect with nature. “Green spaces in cities can restore both physical and mental health.”

Jorn’s love of nature started at a young age. “I loved climbing trees but would often fall out of them. Nature has a way of giving life lessons.” Today, Jorn’s living room is like a jungle, full of plants that he tends to and even talks to. His work brings nature to parts of cities where you might not expect it.

Jorn uses “tactical urbanism” to envision the future of cities. Tactical urbanism is taking short-term actions that can bring about long-term solutions. His focus is bringing nature and people together. For example, closing a street to cars so people can gather for a day. Or turning random parking spots into “parklets” with green elements and seating.

Jorn’s advice for being a hero for nature is to just have fun. Just do what you can.

“It’s not necessarily about being called a hero, it’s about taking heroic actions.”

MEN’S M.T.C.R. BOOTS, worn by Jorn Wemmenhove

The new M.T.C.R. Boots (Moc Toe Chukka Reimagined) are made with leathers from a silver-rated tannery, earning high marks from the Leather Working Group for supporting best environmental practices. They earn high marks from our heroes for nature, too.

They feature linings made of 50% recycled PET (the stuff plastic bottles are made of) and laces made of 100% recycled PET.