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Alice Aedy - Nature Needs Heroes


Alice Aedy
Photo-journalist and activist for a greener world

Jemma Finch x Timberland Sustainability

Alice Aedy is a photo journalist, documentary film-maker and activist from London. Her work addresses environmental and social issues through the stories of real people she meets. Alice uses these powerful stories to inspire and encourage others to take action.

Alice started out as a photo-journalist after studying politics and history. Early on, she visited a refugee camp, planning to stay for only a few days. For months, she continued to visit camps as a volunteer, always with her camera. “Over time, I learned how to take photos and start building relationships after watching other journalists.” In the years since, Alice has photographed forced-migration in Europe and the Middle East, and people living on the front-lines of climate change. Alice tackles tough issues like drought and rising sea levels in humanistic ways.

To Alice, being a hero for nature is not exclusive. Everyone who cares about the planet we live on can be one. “There’s no need to be a perfect activist. That shouldn’t stop anyone from getting involved.”She believes simply engaging can be the first step.“Don’t look away. We can all engage and be better activists.”

Alice believes success is happening today with youth-led movements.

“It’s an exciting time. We are changing social attitudes by changing consumerism. People are being more conscious. More and more people want to have a positive impact on the planet.”


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